About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Photo left to right: Lydia, Alana, Darla.

Our Story

Top Maui Homes developed quite organically. Working side-by-side as colleagues for 10 years Alana and Lydia discovered they share many of the same values, their personalities and strengths complemented each other making them stronger together as a team and Top Maui Homes was born. In 2020, we were excited to have Darla join the team. She shares the same energy, passion, and values as Alana and Lydia.

With over 50 years combined real estate experience, the Top Maui Homes Team understands not only the real estate market of Maui, but the varying styles and needs of buyers and sellers. Top Maui Homes gives you, our clients, the most complete sales and marketing team on Maui, with a common set of values and sense of purpose.

We Specialize in YOU

This is our guiding principal in supporting you through the unpredictable world of real estate. We understand each person, each relationship, each situation is different. Whether you are buying or selling, looking for a second home, investing in a vacation property, participating in a 1031 exchange, or finding a dream home on Maui, you bring your own unique perspective and lifestyle. We honor this and help you, our client, find your own best solution.

Meet the Team