Hawai’i is home to some of the most amazing natural wonders in the world. Maui is home to a few of those wonders. In the following article, I detail seven amazing places to see here on Maui. For more details, please refer to the original article “7 Awe-Inspiring Natural Wonders That Can Only Be Found on Maui” posted by Kevin Allen on Hawai'i Magazine, which inspired me to write this post:


1. Iao Valley

Located in the quiet town of Wailuku, the drive up into the valley is a special treat. You get to see a different part of Maui that isn’t all sand and sun, but cool and lush. When you go up into the valley you can hike along the designated trails, and jump in the fresh river water. If it starts to rain, it’s best to leave as soon as you can before the river starts to rise!


2. Pe`ahi (Jaws)

 Maui is famous for its different surf spots. The most infamous is Pe`ahi, or Jaws, on the North Shore. Whenever there is a big north swell coming, you can almost guarantee you’ll see some famous faces out in the water catching those monster waves. The hike down to the lookout is suitable for most people, just remember to wear sneakers and bring water! 


3. Haleakala

      If you’d like to get a real birds eye view of our beloved island, you can take Crater Road about 10,000 feet above sea level. Haleakala National Park gives you a different perspective of our island, but beware, the weather is not for the faint of heart. Always remember a sweater and some closed toe shoes so you can enjoy the designated paths.


4. Olivine Pools

      These pools are quite a wonder to look at, however it’s better if it’s from a distance. The shoreline is rough and jagged, basically untouched from human error. If you aren’t a strong swimmer or aren’t familiar with the ocean currents, it is best to take that selfie from the safety of the side.


5. `Ohe`o Gulch

      Also known as the Seven Sacred Pools of Hana, `Ohe`o Gulch is one of the most well known stops along the road to Hana. There are a series of waterfalls that gradually fall into one another, making a show stopping sight for anyone visiting Maui. We might be on an island, but that fresh rain water is way colder than you would expect.


6. Honokalani Beach and Kaihalulu Beach

      Not all of our beaches here are that gorgeous nude and tan color. Also out in Hana, we have our Black Sand and Red Sand beaches. You will need to go through a toll booth to access Black Sand beach now, and the trail down to Red Sand beach can be a little uneasy if it has been raining. The beach is also on private property, but considering it is the only red sand beach on Maui it’s definitely a site to see.


7. Molokini Crater

      When you come to Maui you may notice a crescent shaped crater off of the south shore. That is Molokini Crater, a snorkelers paradise. The crater is uninhabited except for the birds that live there. You can only take a snorkel cruise to get to the crater, but the experience in itself is well worth the 45 minute boat ride.