Where to Eat on Maui

July 22, 2017

Where to Eat on Maui – South Maui’s New Gathering Place

One of my favorite new spots to eat and drink in South Maui is Shearwater Tavern. Located in the Azeka Shopping Center Mauka Side, Shearwater occupies the back corner spot where the right half of Stella Blues used to sit.

For years, Stella Blues was my favorite spot for a ...

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May 8, 2017

MAUI CRAFT TOURS – Maui’s Guide to All Things Craft


Maui Craft Tour HeaderPhoto Credit: Maui Craft Tours

Craft Beverages. Craft Beer. Craft Spirits. Have you ever wondered what makes a beverage ‘craft’? Often, when we hear the word craft we think in terms of what it is not: large, mass-produced, corporate. Yet some define craft in terms of what it is ...

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